Saturday, August 1, 2009

say yeah, cinderella.

DC's BOTTLES/CANS is a group that packs a powerful punch with a bit of a soft touch. With the official CD Release, on Thursday, August 6 at Rock & Roll Hotel, I wanted to talk a bit about their debut album Only, Please.

Recorded at The Bastille, part of the Inner Ear Studios in Arlington, the final product is a pleasing rock record. Opting for live studio recording and a more limited production style, they left in banter between songs and certain imperfections. I like this because it adds realness and grittiness, which keeps a true rock edge. This is not a group that needs a lot of smoke and mirrors in order to sound good. There is a lot of strength and energy coming from the guitar and the drums. The vocals are confident, with well thought out melodies and harmonies. And stay tuned until the very end, there is a gem.

Kevin Eskowitz, Zach Pentel, & Brendan Polmer are BOTTLES/CANS. Only, Please will be available on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, etc in mid-August.

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