Sunday, August 16, 2009

mad decent.

Yesterday I traveled up to Philly for the second annual Mad Decent Block Party. Diplo is one of my favorite DJs so I never miss a chance to see him. Got there mid-festivities and immediately ran to the free food that was being grilled up. The crowd was large, tunes bumpin', and Diplo was on the roof straight chillin', tossing shirts down. A costumed "dog" in a Michael Vick jersey was wandering the premises, to play on the fact that Vick signed to the Eagles. The DC crew was in full effect and it was good to see so many people I know had come out.

What I like the most about parties such as MDBP is the general sense of camaraderie and community. Everyone was drinking, dancing, and just having a good time. I appreciate it when artists make the effort to break down the barriers between themselves and the fans. I don't think an event this good and lax would happen in DC because of all the bureaucracy.

In terms of the music, I could have done without the so-called bands that were playing. I think I described the sound as "jibber jabber" because it was all a generalized loud muddled noise and random vocals. Many were into it, but it's just not really my thing. The DJs were all great though. They had everyone hyped up and ready to jam. I definitely hope that this summer tradition continues next year.

3 comments: said...

hey, we were looking for the MDBP online and found your post.

check out these pictures of the party if you want, there are some good ones:

Chris L said...

Nice review.

I'm not willing to accept that DC could never throw a party like this. I think we can make it happen here.

Laura Rae said... thanks, great pics!

@chris: i just think that issues such as drinking, drugs, fire codes, security, etc are more regulated here and it would be hard to have an event that wouldn't be shut down. many warehouse parties in DC have this problem.