Monday, August 10, 2009

but for you it's just what you were told.

Bands like Last Tide revive my faith in the DC music scene. It was packed at DC9 for a Monday night, and the bill was quirky with an indie band opening for an afro-beat outfit (NOMO).

photo credit: Patrick Kigongo

As Last Tide took the stage, I first noticed guitarist/vocalist Nate Frey's pink sparkly Di Pinto and keyboardist/vocalist Libby Dorot's flashy outfit. However, once the music started all attention to visuals faded and I was in auditory heaven. Dark, noisy, synth-y, minor, with some upbeat moments, the music is right there with what I enjoy. It has a unique shoegaze influence and showcases the ability to be both simple and detailed. The guitars and effects are well-played and well-placed along with good solid vocals on both ends and attention to the use of reverb. All parts work as a whole with harmonies, integral basslines by Rob Miller, and steady percussion by Misha Alexander.

Other highlights include a spot-on cover of "Memories Can't Wait" by the Talking Heads and, my favorite of their original songs,"A Traitor in My Mind." The lyrics call to mind melancholic relationships ie "this time I didn't bother begging/ cuz I knew you'd never stay." A close second, they closed their set with "Shadows in the Rain," which built until denouement and slowly tapered off. It was a perfect way to end things on a high note.

I wanted to have these songs on my iPod right away, and thankfully the recording process is occurring now. The main thing that I took away from this show is that I like music that makes the listener think about a deeper meaning.


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