Tuesday, July 28, 2009

& i don't know you, baby, you don't know me.

Yesterday, I found out through Twitter that Voxtrot has posted a new song on their Myspace. Ramesh released the track on his second DJ installment for the Portuguese radio station RADAR Liboa 97.8 FM.

In contrast to the last single, electronic-driven "Trepanation Party," Berlin showcases a more minimalistic sound. Classic piano and strings stand out behind interspersed foreign dialogue. There is a purposeful dissonance as if the track was meant to sound a bit haphazard and articulate a more intimate "in the moment" feeling. Vocals are sometimes off-key, but in a way that fits in with the nostalgic melancholy of the lyrics. It is clear that Ramesh has put a lot of his emotions into the vocals even though the melody and lyrics are on the simpler side. It all has an understated coolness to it. I enjoy the more grown up sound that is developing with these new releases and I look forward to seeing where they go next.

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