Tuesday, July 7, 2009

honey you scared yourself.

I've always liked the atmosphere at Solly's Tavern. I enjoy small and intimate shows, plus when I played there it served as a relaxing environment. As I watched Honey House set up on Monday night, I waited in anticipation for what I would hear. Because this was their first show I wasn't sure what to expect.

This is what they say:
Honey House is trying to bring back American Rock & Roll. The swagger, the danger, the mystery. The House are giving it a go. They're walking down that hallway baby. They've been rehearsing in Chinatown for months, crafting their sound like a blacksmith sweating over hot coals. Frontman Jeremy Mohler churns out poems in a baritone croon, lead guitarist Denmark Luceriaga is incendiary. Matthew Moroney's smooth finger-picked bass grooves with drummer Josh Davis' freightrain of drums.
My first impression was that they were put-together, eclectic, solid, and classic. Though they seem heavily influenced by 90's alternative rock, think Wilco/Jakob Dylan/Ryan Adams, they bring something unique with them. The instrumentation was great. I loved the acoustic-electric, the Rickenbacker bass, and the use of a broad range of dynamics. Vocally it was intense and emotive, with some nice harmonies thrown in by Moroney. I also thought the percussion stood out and was inventive.

photo credit: Maryanne Drury

Overall, it was a great first show. They really got into it with the last two songs and started to jam. I hope to see more of that in the future. Honey House are definitely ones to watch as they continue to feel things out and progress.

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