Tuesday, July 14, 2009

hey mr. dj...

With the help of local artists, Adrian Loving is the spearhead of an alliance to bring recognition and respect to career-DJs. The Deejay's Coalition is an organization formed to create an awareness and understanding of social and professional issues within DJ culture. This collective hopes that the "Deejays Are Not Jukeboxes" Campaign can bring important matters to the forefront in order to create a cultural consciousness amongst both DJs and partygoers.

Loving's concept will integrate local and global music scenes in an effort to educate employers and audiences about what it really means to be a DJ. An article by Karen Sommer Shallett in DC Magazine's July/August 2009 issue further articulates the cause by explaining:
Loving gathered 15 DC Djs together to create the “Deejays Are Not Jukeboxes” public-service announcement, which he hopes will raise the volume on respecting your DJ.

The bold (and even amusing) street-art campaign will be visible starting in mid-July in Northeast and Northwest DC public spaces and on flyers and T-shirts in clubs throughout the city. For photographer Abby Greenawalt, who shot the campaign, the creatives were ideal inspiration. “Being a DJ is part of who they are—it’s very personal,” she says. “I wanted to capture emotions that aren’t always associated with these individuals.”
So check it out, look for more to come, and remember that a DJ is not your personal iPod!

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