Friday, April 24, 2009

don't tell me to try to control myself.

Recently, I have reignited my interest in The Popguns, a British jangle pop group hailing from Brighton. Formed in 1986 and active for a decade, The Popguns were endlessly both catchy and emotional. Vocalist Wendy Morgan is a true star with her effortless ability to wail sentimental and sometimes snarky lyrics while rocking a rickenbacker. To quote another blogger, "She is able to give seemingly the most innocent phrase just the right amount of spite, hurt or tenderness it deserves." I've been listening to "Don't Smile" a lot for that very reason.

I highly recommend The Popguns best-of entitled Another Year, Another Address. Released in 1996 by Cherry Red Records, this album includes many rare and amazing songs from the band's time at Midnight Music.

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