Tuesday, April 7, 2009

does she love you? you suppose.

The Brian Jonestown Massacre last night at 9:30 Club was hands down one of the best shows I have ever attended. In terms of technique, they cannot be matched. I was impressed at the synchronicity and ambiance that the eight-piece group brought to the stage. Those who have seen DiG! (2004) know that the BJM have a drug addled and violence infused reputation. None of this was apparent as they breezed through their two hour set. They all just seemed like a bunch of old friends coming together to make spectacular music.

I was incredibly excited to see a BJM near to the old line-up, with Matt Hollywood and Joel Gion on the stage. Matt was able to perform some of his original songs and Joel added his bizarre and fun style of tambourine to the mix. Anton was his usual eccentric and neurotic self, but he was all business about the music. His voice was flawless, which is hard to believe with all the smoking and drinking that was going on.

My favorite parts were "Who?," "When Jokers Attack," and "That Girl Suicide." The west coast rock/neo-psychedelic sound is something that they have perfected. They managed to end in an even more amazing fashion, with the long version of "Swallowtail." As each member left the stage, they propped their guitar against their amp and let it feed back. They each said a separate thank you and walked off. Then, the tech went around and turned each amp off individually, letting the sound peter out to nothing. The house lights came on, but no one was ready to leave.

Afterwards, I headed to the Velvet Lounge where we were later met by Frankie Teardrop and Collin Hegna. It was awesome to have a chance to chat with them about the show and their experience with the band. I was a bit disappointed that Anton and Matt never showed up, but apparently the rest of the BJM was back at the house either sleeping or arguing. Regardless, it was a great night for music.

When Jokers Attack

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