Monday, December 6, 2010

i don't know what i'm gonna do about that, but i know what to do with you.

Last night I had the privilege of seeing one of my favorite bands, Chief, play before an intimate crowd at the Rock & Roll Hotel. This had to be my top show of the year. Reasons why are as follows:

1. Everyone in the band sings- melody, harmony, and then lyrics seem to drive this group. Chief adhere to my belief that keeping things simple can create great songs. Tracks that may seem one dimensional on the album came alive on stage. Each person has a role, but they can switch around at will.

2. Laid-back attitude, lack of pretension- Chief took the show seriously even though the venue wasn't packed [as it should have been]. They were gracious to the crowd and even hung around after the set. Certain DC bands could learn something from this.

3. Just plain good music- i.e Far Away, Your Direction & Mighty Proud

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