Tuesday, September 7, 2010

i see, see, see you 'bout every night.

A band with a New York sound and California style, Chief, captured my eye after my roommate pointed out that I would probably have a crush on the lead singer. I concurred after seeing Evan Koga and concluding that he looks like the spawn of Steve Aoki and Dave Grohl. That is beside the point though.

When I heard "Night And Day," with its haunting melodies and addictive hook, I had to have it immediately. Vocals are a major strength for the band in general. I also enjoy "My Love is Gone," which showcases their ability to vary the sound, but stay cohesive. The former is found on Modern Rituals (2010). Rolling Stone said "On their debut, this shaggy quartet conjure classic West Coast folk rock like they were baptized by David Crosby and reared by the members of Love." Agreed.

Acoustic Version

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