Thursday, September 9, 2010

so when i'm with you i have fun.

Prior to seeing Best Coast live, I really wasn't sure what to expect. Bands with so much hype are usually a letdown, and while I like the album, I feel that the songs are all so similar and repetitive. But then I like reading about Snacks the cat, and about the band, etc etc. I procured a list spot to the sold-out event thanks to some friends and went in with a somewhat cynical mind. It took only a few songs to win me over. This show came together to be what many of us felt like an ode to summer, beaches, and barbecues. I can appreciate the simplicity of the three-piece group; each person has to be able to hold their own. I also liked that the focus was on the music rather than fashion or trying to be cool.

Bands often complain about the sound at Rock & Roll Hotel, and I usually think its fine. I only wish that last night the vocals could have had a bit more clarity rather than just sheer volume. Bethany Cosentino's voice was a welcome surprise from what I expected to be the forced cutesy vocals of an indie it-girl. I actually enjoy the live songs more than the versions recorded on the album. I hope that they continue to grow in terms of songwriting and aren't merely a passing fancy.

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