Tuesday, June 8, 2010

where the stars always tell the truth.

The latest edition of Thornley & Friends, last night at Solly's Tavern, was dedicated to the departure of the fabulously eccentric Ryan Mitchell. He joined the brothers Thornley on stage, along with Matthew Hemerlein.My favorite tunes were The Four Horseman's "Wait until Spring," and a cover of Chris Isaac's "Wicked Game." The former highlights vocals and finger-picking guitars. It's simple melodies and acoustic tones are mellow and beautiful. "Wicked Game" is obviously on the other end of the spectrum. Hemerlein took on most of the vocals and really impressed me. His timbre has just a touch of grittiness, accentuating the sensuality of the song.

What I loved about this show was the energy. There is a surreal camaraderie when everyone makes it out. DC is a transient city and while people are always coming and going, some things remain the same.

P.S. I slept on this for a minute, but this mix is phemomenal: Sockets Records Spring Mix

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