Monday, June 14, 2010

chaos and the big sea.

"Creation was an indie, but it didn't wear a cardigan, it didn't apologize".

I have a lot of respect for Creation Records. Spearheaded by Alan McGee and his Biff Bang Pow! bandmates, Creation was at the forefront of British indie labels. They were home to so many great artists from the label's beginnings in 1983 until its dissolution in 1999. Cutting records for Felt, Primal Scream, The Jesus & Mary Chain, and eventually Oasis, Creation made a name for themselves out of excessive debaucherous genius.

I prefer the earlier days before Sony bought-out nearly half of the company. It was a straight-up indie label that gave its unique acts a chance to flourish. From jangly British pop to the origins of shoegaze, Creation succeeded in putting out groundbreaking records. There are many compilations that allow the listener to get a general feel for the label. I am partial to the Creation Purple Compilation (1988). The album has a cohesion, but also highlights the musicality of each of the bands. Below are links to some of my favorite tracks.

"Christine" - The House of Love

"It Happens" - Primal Scream
"She Haunts" - Biff Bang Pow!
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