Thursday, June 24, 2010

the end of the "long-winded funeral".

Before last night, I have never gone into a show with such a mixture of anticipation & anxiety, excitement & melancholy. Seeing Voxtrot and knowing it was their last show was somber. I didn't know if they were going to play all the songs I wanted to hear, and I wanted to cement this band into my mind forever. Needless to say, I should have trusted Ramesh and his boys to put on their show.

1. introduction
2. firecracker
3. raised by wolves
4. kid gloves
5. your biggest fan
6. steven
7. soft & warm
8. mothers sisters daughters wives
9. trepanation party
10. rise up in the dirt
11. the start of something
12. berlin, without return
13. wrecking force
14. missing pieces [encore]

The only things I wish they'd played are "Trouble" and "Whiskey," but I took what I could get and am very pleased with what they chose. It was an energetic performance, and I was surprised to see how many new fans were in the audience. The crowd was very into it, and I was definitely singing along. As the night came to a close I started to get sad, but realized I will always have those memories of seeing them play at Siren Fest and the Cat. And I'm sure that Voxtrot will still play a big part in my music rotation.

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Anonymous said...

Great show - to just be in a crowd where almost everyone was singing along was amazing and Voxtrot just had so much energy on stage. It really is too bad they're breaking up.