Monday, March 30, 2009

i will always be the outlaw for your love.

Ramesh Srivastava has still got it in terms of vocals, haunting melodies, and lyrical genius. The new Voxtrot track "Trepanation Party" makes this clear. The question is whether their newfound electronic sound stems from the undeclared absence of stellar guitarist Mitch Calvert. Ramesh addressed the band's quietude only in saying:

Regarding our absence, sometimes one needs to disappear in order to regroup; situations change and human beings are swept here and there by the marvelous ebb and flow of culture. And so, there can be only this: a return to a love of music.

I adore "Trepanation Party" for its metaphor and attention to an individual's reality. Voxtrot lyrics always find a way to have a resonance and relevance to my life, making me listen over and over again because of the connection. The music I would say is just okay, following along the heels of some kind of New Order or Depeche Mode cover. I think I could do without the new direction. In the end, I will always cherish the days of the Raised By Wolves EP, but this track does enough to keep me wanting more.

radio interview with ramesh

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