Wednesday, January 28, 2009

listen to me! i'm on the stereo, stereo.

I have made mixes for quite a few people in between this and "The Mixed Tape" post, but I particularly want to share the one I put together for my bandmates. [We're indie/shoegazey, I'm the singer, we don't have a name yet, and I will definitely give more details when we do...] Anyway, this mix cd was meant to inspire songwriting, to help with band bonding, and to show some of the songs that I've been loving. Here it is:

1. starrsha- ringo deathstarr
2. sixteen- skywave
3. 23- blonde redhead
4. bled white- elliott smith
5. blue jeans*- blur
6. the drowners- suede
7. blasphemy- miracle fortress
8. all things ordinary- the anniversary
9. everything's alright when you're down-
the jesus & mary chain
10. stereo- pavement
11. angry mulch- voxtrot
12. summer babe- pavement
13. welcome to new jersey- the glands
14. center of the universe- built to spill
15. the only moment we were alone- explosions in the sky

* "Blue Jeans" shows up on basically every mix I make because it's just that meaningful. I also repeated "Summer Babe" because it's a pretty solid example of a song I'd like to emulate.

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