Sunday, January 25, 2009

i had a name. i let it leave me.

[I haven't written extensively about Voxtrot because they have been in some sort of limbo since I started this blog. They are one of my favorite bands, but I have not heard the real deal on why things are on hold. I have my ideas, but I can't stop hoping that they'll get it together and start work on a new album. Regardless, they are worth talking about and I won't put it off any longer.]

For the past few years I have been into Voxtrot, an Austin-based indie band. I stumbled into them on Myspace, took in a few shows, and have been obsessed ever since. I don't want to get into a lot of background in this post, but I will say that each of their EPs is worth listening to for different reasons.

Often times it is telling to listen to a band's rare or unreleased tracks. Lately, I have been favoring "The Warmest Part of the Winter" because it highlights Ramesh Srivastava's tender vocals, a slide guitar line, and introspective lyrics. There is a melancholy tone in the melody giving a sobering view on love. When Voxtrot recorded their full length album, I think they lost touch with some of the simplicity found in this song.

I would also recommend "Angry Mulch" and "They Never Mean What They Say," though MP3s are hard to come by at this point.

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