Tuesday, July 8, 2008

hang the blessed dj.

I have a bone to pick with most of today's DJs. If your name is 100dBs, Diplo, Gavin Holland, or a member of FIVES, you are exempt from this story. If you are spinning at bars in College Park, top 40 and rap stations, or a swanky DC club then this is probably directed towards you.

Nowadays anyone and everyone with a laptop and a pair of headphones thinks that they can be a DJ. Last night on my friends car radio "live from FUR nightclub" there was a mash-up of "I Kissed a Girl" by Katy Perry and "Kiss Kiss" by Chris Brown. It was off-key and not beatmatched at all. It hurt my ears to listen to it. Lately, I have heard many such instances and think that this needs to be resolved. I am all for someone who wants to have fun and mix some songs together, but so-called professionals should know better. It makes me want to learn the ones and twos, or at least Ableton, so I can rep my set and put out something good to dance to.

For my show, RADIOBOLICAL! 8-10 PM Monday nights on WMUC-FM, I take the time to listen to what key my songs are in and make smooth transitions. I scour the internet for aesthetically pleasing music and put a lot of effort into my choices. If a playlist is meant to be played in sequence, the songs should actually go together, right?

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