Thursday, November 10, 2011

don't have to be so sad about it, people will say.

Another show I thought I'd never see came to fruition last Thursday night. The Glands played a spectacular set at Black Cat backstage. The mysterious band from Athens, GA had suddenly added a short series of tour dates down the east coast.

I arrived to a buzzing section of fans, we were all wondering exactly what we were in for. That turned out to be an epic setlist of most songs off of Double Thriller (1998) and The Glands (2000), including vinyl-only tracks. The guitars and vocals made the overall message of the music even more vivid. Ross Shapiro's sardonic lyrics somehow poke fun at depressing subject matter, making the songs seem more cheerful, but still extremely relatable. These songs make me desperately hope for a new album of someone else explaining my feelings to me. Regardless, it was a priceless show and I'm really glad I got to see them play. They were extremely gracious to the crowd, playing a two-song encore, selling their own merch, and staying to chat.

Below is the gang performing my all-time-favorite: "Fortress".

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