Thursday, January 6, 2011

and i'm asking you, can you still love me...

Photo by Anouck Bertin.

Colonel K Speaks
informed me this afternoon that Ramesh Srivastava has recently released a solo EP. This is exciting because its the first music he's made public since the dissolution of Voxtrot.

The following tracks can be streamed on his website:
1. the king
2. romeo (void)
3. recording heathen earth

As usual, Srivastiva's lyrics and vocals are on-point. He keeps things fairly simple, with strangely pastoral string arrangements and acapella segments. "Romeo (Void)" counters this with electronics and a drum machine. It seems he is experimenting with what sound he wants to move into. I am glad to see him going forward individually and am, for the most part, pleased with the result. I hope these tracks will be up for download/purchase at some point.

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