Monday, October 18, 2010

your love is a mirror.

With my night off last Sunday, I checked out new-to-me Scottish group We Were Promised Jetpacks at the Rock & Roll Hotel. Erik Anderson had suggested them to me since he had played with them before and thought I would be into the music. Going in I only knew the song "Quiet Little Voices," and I was curious to see what their other stuff sounded like.

The crowd was rather large and actually much more than I had expected for a Sunday night. The band incorporated jet-esque sound effects in the intro and outro, which added to the hype in the room. They came out with a burst of volume and energy that showcased their talent and ability. It was nice to see a band who could hold their own without all of the smoke and mirrors. I was drawn to the vocals and lyrics in almost all of the songs, and they held my attention. The addition of xylophone on "Thunder and Lightning" rounded things out instrumentally. New songs "Hard to Remember" and one other were probably the highlight. They took the band in a similar, but more complex direction. I would love to catch We Were Promised Jetpacks the next time they come around.

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Raymo said...

WWish I had know they were in DC. I was attracted by the name but ended up liking their music a lot.