Saturday, October 2, 2010

bring on the major leagues.

Last Friday night I traveled up to New York in anticipation of finally seeing [one of my all-time favorites] Pavement perform live. I had purchased the tickets almost exactly a year in advance, so I was a pent-up ball of emotions and expectation. I avoided reading about their other Central Park shows, though I did familiarize myself with the set-lists. I got in line at 5:30 PM and grabbed myself a seat...then all I could do was wait.

The Beets opened. I didn't care for them and almost wondered how they gained the coveted spot. They put in a good effort though, and tided us over until Pavement took the stage at 9PM.
I was in awe, it seemed unreal that they were right in front of me. Malkmus presided over his group and Bob Nastanovich provided comedic relief, as per usual. It was great just to see them together again and feel nostalgic. Malkmus's gravelly vocals and guitar antics took me right back to the 90's. It was a marathon set, and they played a little bit of everything. My long list of favorites includes "Elevate Me Later," "Summer Babe," "Frontwards," "Shady Lane," and "Perfume-V". I can only wish they had played my all-time favorite "Texas Never Whispers" and/or Terror Twilight sleeper hit "Major Leagues".

I am glad that I made the trek to NY rather than seeing them at Virgin Freefest the next day. Though there was less intimacy than I would have liked, the show was phenomenal and I couldn't have asked for anything more.

Full setlist here.

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