Wednesday, April 14, 2010

take it away.

Transient DC is frequently making me say goodbye. These mixes always overlap, but with a slightly different meaning. Here's the latest tracklisting:

1. rip it up- orange juice
2. you'll start a war- the pale fountains
3. killamangiro- babyshambles
4. starrsha- ringo deathstarr
5. blue jeans- blur
6. fortress- the glands
7. just like honey (home demo)- laura reading
8. sixteen- skywave
9. 23- blonde redhead
10. hindsight- built to spill
11. lived in bars- cat power
12. quiet time in my room- delusions
13. i know i'll see you- a place to bury strangers
14. the drowners- suede
15. cabin fever- the brian jonestown massacre
16. texas never whispers- pavement
17. angry mulch- voxtrot

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