Friday, March 12, 2010


The Done&Done Music Festival, which will be happening on April 10th in DC and on April 17th in NYC, will showcase 6 bands each from DC and New York. These groups on the same stage can bring separate crowds together, raising exposure and the potential for a new fan base. DC is a transient city and is constantly being compared to the New York art scene, so collaboration becomes inevitable.

Patrick Kigongo, Erin McAuliff, and Matthew Taylor have come together to create this unique festival. Tuesday night, they held their second fundraiser, with contributions going toward the rental of All Souls Unitarian Church. The event at Velvet Lounge featured State Department, Honey House, and Young and High, with Taylor on the decks.

Photo by Ben Droz

The music was good, many PBR items were auctioned off, and the event was a success. I look forward to the festival.

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Anonymous said...

ahh Laura, my least favorite photo of my face ever, but thanks for posting about the show! see you soon! Erin