Monday, January 25, 2010

rose for amber.

"There's no telling what can happen when you put a woman and a beat together." So says the lead-in line announcing Judah's Amber Rose-inspired mixtape release. Monday's launch marks a muse/producer relationship of sensual proportions.

In "The Amber Rose Instrumentals," Judah links up with Dub MD (UK) to yield thirteen short tracks. It is quite different from what I previously heard from him on Durkl's "Survivor Series" mix. The songs range from whimsical to torrid and highlight a variety of samples including Rose's voice. Pairing music and model, Judah tells a full story through this mix. His range makes it clear why he is a highly regarded producer, who has worked with those from Wale to Tabi Bonney. The only question is what does Kanye have to say about all this?



DC said...

DAMN... all the way from Wale to Tabi Bonney. two oppisite ends of the spectrum...

Laura Rae said...

that's not what i meant. it was the differential between the durkl mixtape and amber rose. he shows a lot of depth.