Monday, November 9, 2009

it feels good to be over you babe.

DMV hip-hop artist Wale's long-awaited full-length album has finally debuted. Although it was delayed many times, Attention Deficit was worth the wait. From the time I heard him on Mark Ronson's DC remix of "Smile" by Lily Allen, Wale was on my radar. When "Nike Boots" dropped it peaked my interest even more. Two years later, the album is here!

Wale's DC pride is what attracts me to him the most. He shouts it out on Attention Deficit, but definitely delves into some deeper topics. Though I favor some songs over others, each track
shows serious growth from his earlier work. My favorite song is "Contemplate." Rihanna's hook adds a dimension to the haunting sound and lyrics. The subject matter ranges from relationships, fame, and death, asking how much someone can take before they hit a limit. There are also a lot of incredibly fun tracks. I liked "Chillin" for a first single because it is uber catchy and draws attention to itself with Lady Gaga. I also love other singles "World Tour" and "Pretty Girls". The collaborations are integral. Wale and the producers made the most of their connections in order to put together some hot tracks.

Conversely, I'm not the biggest fan of all the beats, but there is space to grow with that. The vocals are hot and I praise what Wale did with his debut. I will never hesitate to support him as a local rapper with tremendous talent and potential.

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