Monday, November 2, 2009


I would describe
Exactly! as the most bloody energetic band I've ever seen. Literally bloody. And Halloween is the perfect time to catch them in their element. This year's show at the Velvet Lounge was no exception, with the usual Christmas lights setting the scene and a "Hall-O-Ween" intro song. I liked 2008's blood and tighty-whities combo, but this year it was men in powdered wigs, tights, and of course blood! Some may dismiss them as gimmicky, but that's what makes them fun. They never take themselves too seriously and it works for them.

To me, Exactly have the best of both worlds: charisma and stage presence, while proving to be genuine and determined about their music. They have made a lot of progress since debuting at SHORTS last year; and even when the music was still in the early stages, the audience could always count on a spectacular show. I like that they aren't afraid to play developing tunes like "Broken Leg" so they can gauge audience response and keep tweaking things. It points to a process where they allow things to evolve on their own to a certain extent, while still putting in the necessary work.

"Dying All Around Us" is my favorite of their songs and it is particularly catchy. A recording can be found on the DURKL mixtape, produced by Judah. Dueling keys and driving percussion are matched with fervent vocals to make up a complete and layered sound. "Jenny's Fine," always a crowd- [and Kigongo] pleaser also never fails to disappoint. Adrian Parsons and Jesse Bishop play off of each other quite a bit, while Cole Sharp keeps everything going at the drum set. Finally, Cole debuted as a vocalist during the final song, a cover of "96 Tears." This show pointed to just how diverse this lot is and how much more they have hidden up their sleeves. All in all, they go for it, and we love them for that.

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