Thursday, August 14, 2008

up in the club.

Laura's Top 5 DC Nightspots

5. Rock & Roll Hotel-
Besides for the fact that it is extremely difficult to get to, i.e. requires a cab from the Union Station metro, I love the atmosphere at R&R. The upstairs has plenty of little rooms to escape off to and the downstairs has a large space for shows and congregating. My New Years there was crazy, with top shelf alcohol, champagne, DJs, naked sushi, Brightest Young Things, and the music of Georgie James. "Nouveau Riche" will pop off there the last Saturday of this month, so prepare for lots of sweaty bodies and awesome tunes.

4. Asylum-
One word. SHORTS. Every second Thursday is Gavin Holland's patented "shorts-mandatory" dance party, where there isn't even a cover to get in. This is my favorite right now because all everyone really cares about is having fun. Featuring a ball pit and absinthe at the bar, and as always, a stellar Holland on the 1's & 2's. Seriously though, just don't try to wear pants.

3. Black Cat-
Black Cat is nice because it is an 18+ facility for most events. It is free to get in to the bar, though shows cost [obviously]. This is a low-key venue with pool tables, mood lighting, and just the right amount or grimy to feel at home. From Voxtrot shows to The Smith's v. The Cure dance night, to Britpop dance night, Black Cat seems to have a little something for everyone.

2. Tattoo-
This is really the only "non-indie" space on the list, and it is here for good reason. The atmosphere is of cool rock, with photos of tattooed folk scattered all around. It is an excuse to really dress up in heels and a little black dress and to wild out. Tattoo bar's Tuesday night is industry & lady friendly. It features free Chandon and vodka drinks for the females from 12 AM to 2 AM. There is no cover. The resident DJs play an assortment of music from hair metal, to hip-hop, to dance, to classics. Big screens show the music videos as the music is streaming, making it exciting and maybe even evoking nostalgia for the days of "Livin' on a Prayer". It is smaller and get a bit crowded, but their VIP balcony made for one of my best nights out ever.

1. DC9-
Known as being the original home to "Nouveau Riche," one of my favorite DC dance parties, DC9 is an awesome location. It is not super huge or grand, but it gets the job done and everything I have attended there has been stellar. I highly recommend "Liberation Dance Party" every Friday night, which features an open bar from 9-10:30. As with Tattoo, music videos accompany the DJ's selections. Finally, DC9 has a unique text screen. If an individual texts to the specific number it will be broadcast to the whole audience. This led to hilarious and sometimes lewd comments, and hell, it even made Jason Ryan famous for a night!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this, just moved back and have been looking for some places to dance.

Laura Rae said...

you're welcome! if you want, you can tell me a little bit about what you like i could give you a more personalized list.