Sunday, August 24, 2008

on the radio.

Why listen to WMUC-FM College Park?

Tired of hearing the same 10 tracks repeated over and over? Tired of the lack of genres represented on traditional radio? Head over to college radio for a welcome change.

These days, free-form college radio stations are few and far between. Conversely, most commercial radio stations are owned by conglomerates who impose centralized narrow programming. The University of Maryland's station, WMUC-FM, brings something unique to the monotonous world of FM radio. WMUC is an independent, non-commercial, FCC-licensed, student-run radio station. It is also one of the country's oldest college stations, first airing in 1937. Students handle the programming and operations, allowing for a more eclectic selection. Because it is free-form, DJs are allowed to broadcast anything so long as the content adheres to FCC guidelines. This means that in a two-hour timeslot, a listener could hear metal, indie, dance, shoegaze, britpop, hip-hop, oldies, blues, bluegrass...etc etc. The audience can actually discover new music, and with a schedule online, listeners can pick and choose if they want to listen to something specific.

With several ways to listen, there's no reason not to check it out. If you're in or around College Park, tune in by turning to 88.1 on your FM dial. If not, get near a computer and stream online at! So GET LISTENIN' KIDS!

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