Thursday, August 8, 2013

picture me and then you'll start watching/ watching forever...

July 28th's New Order show at Merriweather Post Pavilion was easily one of the most captivating performances I have ever seen. At times I was in tears at the aesthetic produced by the combination of sound and visuals. New Order's unique blend of post-punk, dance, and alternative electro came to life on stage, egged on by an eagerly awaiting crowd. Even after all this time, the songs still sound perfect. "Age of Consent", "Bizarre Love Triangle", and "Blue Monday" really brought the memories flowing back. The finale of "Temptation" was my personal favorite, and really got the people going.

The three songs used for the encore continued to break with the rumor that Bernard Sumner doesn't like to play Joy Division. The encore ended up being a tribute of sorts to Ian Curtis. As time goes on, it is most apparent that Sumner and Curtis both played integral roles in the Joy Division post-punk sound and writing process. Sumner was able to carry out an unparalleled style of music after Curtis' tragic suicide. While former bassist Peter Hook is not pleased that his band mates are going forward as New Order, his solo work does not quite conform to the same standards.

All in all, this show had everything it takes to be epic. Nostalgia, great music, stage presence, visual appeal, and positivity. I hope for the opportunity to see New Order perform again.


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