Friday, March 22, 2013

new york got me.

Earlier this week I headed up to NYC to meet up with friends and have a pseudo-vacation. This trip reinforced my plan to branch out of DC. The increasingly underwhelming art and culture scene in Washington suffers from an overbearing focus on politics, the transient nature of the area, and lack of venues to create/debate cultural dialogues. Three days in New York revitalized me from my stupor and gave me faith that I can stop my laziness with a little inspiration. I was always the person who said I like NYC as a place to visit, but could never picture myself living there. The fast pace, which was a deterrent in the past, proves to be more of a motivator.  At this point, it seems like leaving DC is possibly the best option to make some strides in my aspirations.

On a less serious side, here are a few things to check out in NYC on any random Sunday:
*Start with spectacularly delicious margaritas and Mexican at Barrio Chino.
*Meander to free shows in the lobby at the Ace Hotel- picture ambient electronic sounds (Ghenghis Hans & Color War were there the night I went), kitschy decor, a bar, and the bustle of a busy hotel environment.
*Try to get into "Not Your Standard Bingo" at the Standard Grill- huge punch bowl, bingo, karaoke, dancing on tables, shots, shame, general tomfoolery and camaraderie. 
*Finish off the night with a trip to the swanky and sexy Le Bain on the rooftop of the Standard.

PS. My new favorite song- "No Angels".

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