Tuesday, October 13, 2009


The District of Columbia is not known for being a particularly stylish city. DURKL is a clothing company set out to expose that as a misconception. The brand was started by Will Sharp circa 5 years ago, and has since grown immensely around DC & in national and international markets. With the addition of brother Cole Sharp, and later Lucas Pierce, DURKL has become a staple amongst those who dare to be bold and "make fun" 24-7.

DURKL's unique take on streetwear has connected with musicians, emcees, DJs, producers, skateboarders, bikers, and partygoers. They have found a way to please these niche consumers by always providing something new and interesting. Never ones to shy away from color, each line includes something so out of left-field (in a good way) that I often wonder how they came up with the idea. My favorite example of this is last season's grey jeans with aqua back pockets. The Fall 2009 Collection plays on a bit of a mature edge by incorporating tailored flannels, button-downs, chinos, and snap-backs. With every line the brand grows, but still includes outrageous and funky garments. Rest assured there is always a sassy element to set these pieces apart from the competition.

The DURKL boys now have a studio and store space in the legendary Gold Leaf building. Be sure to stop in and check out the gear at 443 I St NW or peruse the online store. Prices reflect high quality, detail, and local design. It's definitely worth it.

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