Monday, September 28, 2009

i love the way she said LA.

My latest mix was made for my friend who is moving from DC to LA tomorrow. It is a grouping of feeling, well wishes, borrowed songs, tunes to drive to, and a bit of self promotion. Here's the tracklisting:

1. starrsha- ringo deathstarr
2. you're making this hard- sweet jane
3. a traitor in my mind- last tide
4. bled white- elliott smith
5. rip it up- orange juice
6. nantes- beirut
7. you're only king once- beulah
8. the d in detroit- the anniversary
9. coast to coast- the jesus & mary chain
10. sixteen- skywave
11. elevate me later- pavement
12. gentle tuesday- primal scream
13. the wait- the american analog set
14. poetaster- miracle fortress
15. blue jeans- blur
16. berlin, without return- voxtrot
17. fortress- the glands
18. just like honey (home demo)- laura reading
19. (david bowie i love you) since i was six- the brian jonestown massacre

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