Monday, June 1, 2009

and it's all in the way that you hold up your head.

US Royalty, a DC based rock band, have so much local hype that any blog I write won't compare. But, after tonight's wild, Jameson-infused performance I really want to speak on one of my favorite district groups. Bringing in my own perspective, they are an extremely talented, friendly, and fashionable group of guys who are always down for some hijinks after a show.

The exact genre of their tunes is really undefinable because they draw from so many different influences. Hints of classic rock and R&B blend with pop-caliber hooks. They are very vintage to me. Live, they light up the stage, all working together to bring energy and create flawless sound. John Thornley's soulful vocals are reminiscent of past rock bands where it was actually important to be able to carry a tune. While John is handling lead vocals, keys, harmonica, and tambourine, his brother Paul is on lead guitar. Paul is one of the best guitarists I've seen and he also throws in backing vocals. Jacob Michael and Luke Adams contribute rhythmical bass and drums, completing the foursome.

US Royalty really seem to have the skills and drive to succeed on a great scale. They are definitely ones to watch. Check out their tunes on Myspace. Here is a video of my first favorite USR song, "Raincoats":

John Thornley and Ryan Wakeman also throw an amazing, chill weekly every Wednesday at Chi Cha Lounge.